After School Remediation Programs

After school remediation is on its way. Each elementary and middle school received funds to provide after school remediation at their respective schools. Schools are working diligently to get their after school programs started.

If you feel your child is in need of remediation due to:

• Low grades
• Low test scores
• Struggles in Math or Reading

and you have not received any information from your child’s school please contact the SES contact at that school.

Bronson Elementary School Jenni Huguley-Brooks 486-5281
Bronson Middle/High School Donna Leggett 486-5260
Cedar Key School Linda Campbell 543-5223
Chiefland Elementary School Michelle Barron 493-6040
Chiefland Middle School Lois Solly 493-6025
Joyce Bullock Elementary School Kim Milton 528-3341
Williston Elementary School Corrie Houghtaling 528-6030
Williston Middle School Joyce Wetzel 528-2941
Yankeetown School Natalie Steinberg 447-2372