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The School Board of Levy County recognizes that parental involvement is critical to a child’s success in education. Further, the Board recognizes the value of an educational system that provides meaningful choices and options for students and parents. It is the intent of the Board to provide a variety of programs that afford students the opportunity to choose a school best suited to the needs of the individual student.

Board Policy 5.02 states, “Each pupil in the Levy County District is assigned to a school attendance area by the Board. If assignment out of the attendance area is desired, a request in writing must be submitted to the Superintendent for his approval. Transportation to and from school so requested must be furnished by their parent or guardian.”

In addition, the Board currently provides transportation for the district-wide vocational masonry and carpentry program.

It is the intent of the Board, with this plan, to expand upon this policy in order to provide at least two options for each community with the District providing transportation. Upon full implementation, all assignment requests within the district will be considered under the guidelines of the choice plan.

The development of this plan is in compliance with Section 228.057, F.S. The implementation of this plan is contingent upon Board approval and evaluation of the Department of Education public school parental choice incentive program.

Controlled School Choice

Parents/guardians who are enrolling or have enrolled their child(ren) in the Levy County Schools will have the opportunity to choose, within established guidelines, the school their child(ren) will attend. Each school in the district has an established transportation zone for the schools within a community and a transportation choice to at least one other school established by the school choice plan. If parents want their child(ren) to attend the school within their community and live in that community’s transportation area, they must follow the normal registration procedure for that school. No additional actions or forms are required. If parents want their child(ren) to attend a school outside of their community and within their choice transportation zone, a School Choice Application must be made to the district School Choice contact each year. If all school choice plan criteria are met, transportation will be provided to the school of choice.

Parents may still exercise their choice under Board Policy 5.02 by filling out a School Choice Application with the understanding that transportation will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.


Cedar Key

Cedar Key School (PK-5)
Cedar Key School (6-8)
Cedar Key School (9-12)

Chiefland Elementary
Chiefland Middle
Chiefland High

Chiefland Chiefland Elementary
Chiefland Middle
Chiefland High
Bronson Elementary
Bronson Middle/HS
Bronson High

Bronson Elementary (PK-2)
Bronson Elementary (3-5)
Bronson Middle/HS
Bronson High

Joyce Bullock (PK-2)
Williston Elementary (3-5)
Williston Middle
Williston High
Williston Joyce Bullock (PK-2)
Williston Elementary (3-5)
Williston Middle
Williston High
Bronson Elementary
Bronson Elementary
Bronson Middle
Bronson High
Yankeetown Yankeetown School (PK-2)
Yankeetown School (3-5)
Yankeetown School (6-8)
9th through 12 graders
Joyce Bullock
Williston Elementary
Williston Middle
Williston High
Gulf Hammock/
Otter Creek
(Currently choose between Bronson or Chiefland) Maintain Current Choices


Parents/guardians will indicate their preference to exercise the school choice option at the time of registration or, in the case of current students, during the established controlled choice application period. If there are more registrations for a particular school or program than can be accommodated, an established set of priorities will be used to decide school assignments. This set of priorities is rank-ordered below:

1. A complete and timely application and/or registration;
2. Seat availability;
3. Presently attending under School Choice
4. Minority/nonminority balance;
5. Sibling priority (brother/sister, step-sibling, foster siblings also attend chosen school);
6. Random lottery.

When an application for a school choice assignment has been approved, the student will be notified and given fifteen (15) days to withdraw the request and/or reject the assignment. After the fifteen (15) day period has passed, the assignment shall not be changed for the following year.

Students who are attending a school outside of their community school under school choice must submit a new application each year during the application period.

High school students may change their choice assignment only once in grades 9-12 under the school choice plan (i.e., a student may return to their community school after attending a choice school, however no other request will be considered under the school choice plan).


School choice applications must be submitted between March 1st - 14th of each year for the following school year. Applications not submitted during this time period will not be considered under the school choice guidelines and will be considered under Board Policy 5.02 and without transportation.


The Board or Superintendent may establish caps on enrollment and determine that a school is not available for choice based upon actual enrollment, facilities, or economic reasons.


All students who do not receive their school choice will be automatically placed on a waiting list for that school. Waiting lists will be cleared in order of numerical ranking when space becomes available at semester breaks and in accordance with the districts school choice guideline priorities. Parents who reject the opportunity for their child to be moved when a seat becomes available in the school of choice will be removed from the school’s waiting list.


When transportation under the School Choice Plan is provided it shall be from a central location within the community (usually the community school) to the school of choice. Transportation, other than from the central location, will only be considered if the student lives on the primary route to the choice school or logistics permit riding a bus to the central location. The Board will not provide transportation unless there are at least ten (10) students seeking transportation. When transportation has been started for a school year with the minimum number of students, it will be provided for the entire school year.


In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the educational placement of a special education student is determined by each student’s individual education planning team and cannot be unilaterally determined by the parents or the Board. Therefore, services identified on the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) will determine the placement of the student.


All students in attendance at the end of the 1997-98 school year have the guarantee that they may stay in that school of assignment for the 1998-99 school year and beyond, to the highest grade level available unless, they (1) move out of the district or transportation zone, (2) require placement in an alternative or ESE program not offered at their current school, (3) have been assigned under Board Policy 5.02 and have been determined to be a behavioral problem (record of Level III or IV offense), or (4) a school has been capped for enrollment and there is an overcrowding condition that exists in the school.


Parents/guardians will occasionally find that their child’s assignment request has not been granted or feel that extenuating circumstances exist that present a hardship on the individual student under this plan. After exhausting all options under the School Choice Plan, the parents/guardians may file a written appeal/request to the Hardship Committee. The Hardship Committee shall consist of at least three individuals appointed by the Superintendent, including at least one school parent.

The Hardship Committee shall meet as needed to review each case referred to it and will make timely decisions of the disposition of the appeal/request. Decisions made by the Hardship Committee will be final. A copy of the written decision will be sent to the parents/guardians and the appropriate schools.


The School Choice Task Force shall meet at least once annually to monitor and recommend any changes to the district plan. The membership shall be appointed by the Superintendent and shall include a school choice parent liaison.



  • The Public School Choice Plan will be publicized in the district. Copies of the plan will be printed and distributed as appropriate.
  • All forms associated with the plan will be printed.
  • Schools will prepare information on programs, services, and opportunities available at their center. Each school will print information on a card format highlighting their school for parents to help make informed decisions.
  • The budget will be finalized for the transportation plan that will include asking the DOE for consideration of funds for a minimum of three buses for the beginning of the 1998-99 school year. (Buses must be ordered in advance for delivery at the beginning of the 1998-99 school year)
  • Transportation routes and schedules will be established.
  • Orientation field trip visits will be scheduled for students and parents as appropriate to view school sites and meet with guidance counselors.


  • Buses will be requested from state incentive funds to provide for routes not funded by incentive funds in 1997-98.
  • Any additional cost will be requested from state incentive funds.
  • Full implementation of the plan.